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Jeffrey Krieger - Electric Cello

Archives: March 2007

Sat Mar 24, 2007

CONCERT PHOTOS: Jaipur, India 3/20/07


International School of Informatics & Management
Jaipur, India
Tuesday, February 20 2007 11 am

On Connecticut Naturalism by Michael Gatonska
Shadows & Light by Ken Steen
Landmine by Anna Rubin

Posted by: Jeffrey on Mar 24, 07 | 9:56 am

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Tue Mar 20, 2007

Suddenly It's Evening for solo e-cello by Donald Erb available on iTunes

Suddenly It's Evening by Donald Erb for solo e-cello is now available for download on iTunes. Here is what the composer, who turns 80 this year, writes about the music.

Suddenly Itís Evening (1997) was a commission from the Fromm Foundation and was composed for Jeffrey Krieger and his electronic cello. The title is taken from a poem by Salvatore Quasimodo and is only three lines in length. The English translation is:
Each of us is alone on the heart of the earth
pierced by a ray of sun:
and suddenly itís evening.
The titles of the four movements are meant to give the audience some insight into the character of each movement. The first movement Xanax in Xanadu is introspective, rather sad, with a chilly end to it. Interlude, the second movement which separates two slow movements, is fiery, virtuosic and designed to show the cellist off as a dazzling good one. Winter in My Heart is sad music, written perhaps about the concerns of an old person; and Eyes of Flame which follow is fierce and fast and is, again, meant to be a showcase for the cellist.

A review in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Music Critic, Donald Rosenberg said about a performance in 2001 at the Cleveland Museum of Art the following. "It is a beautiful creation concerned with musical communication rather than mere equipment." More...

Posted by: Jeffrey on Mar 20, 07 | 11:24 am

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Mon Mar 19, 2007

REVIEW: New Delhi, American Center Auditorium 2/25/07

Cello Takes a Bow
The e-version of the instrument played new sounds, thanks to an eager musician and a software
Pallavi Jassi
New Delhi, February 25: The Beatles may have pioneered the use of the cello in popular music by adding its delicate strains to the songs Eleanor and Strawberry fields but the instrument sings an entirely different tune in the hands of American musician Jeffrey Krieger. It is an e-world out there as he plays a uniquely shaped electric cello, plugged to a laptop, and reads the score on the monitor.

While the violin is admitted even to the hallowed hall of conservative Carnatic music, its cousin cello is a strange presence on the Indian stage. E-cello is even stranger. ďAn electric cello is like an electric guitar. However, in the case of the e-cello, it needs an amplifier. Otherwise you cannot hear a sound,Ē says Krieger after his performance at the American Center.

Posted by: Jeffrey on Mar 19, 07 | 10:58 am

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Fri Mar 09, 2007

REVIEW: Kala Academy, Goa, India 3/1/07


PANJIM: Renowned chamber musician Jeffrey Krieger gave an admirable and rare performance at the KA Black Box, in collaboration with The American Centre, Kala Academi, and the Guitar Guild-Goa. The solo electronic cello performance regaled the music lovers as Krieger used a sophisticated technique with a wide variety of sounds which the toy-like cello produced with a computer as interface.

Posted by: Jeffrey on Mar 09, 07 | 7:26 pm

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American Center, New Delhi, India Photo


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University of Hartford Unotes India Tour

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