jamie strange SHOW SCHEDULE

HEY MONKEYS, jamie made number 1 on the HEMP 100 in HIGHTIMES MAGAZINE!
Yes you TOO can vote for jamie from the web . E-Mail HIGH TIMES hundred@hightimes.com

The strange crew completed a new CD at Studio .45 with Mike Deming and Dave Shuman at the boards. Available through the band & Border's Books & Music.

Remember, with a strange tape
we can all ride in your car.

Tapes & CD's available at Borders in Manchester, CT.

Support Original Music And Recycled/Hemp Products
It Could Save Your Life

The natural order of the world is chaos and therefore things can happen, like a 
show gets cancelled, so PLEASE call these clubs if you have any doubts about 
whether the show is still on (ie. no listing in the paper, or a listing in the paper 
and no listing here), and you may want to call them anyway just to be sure, 
because we've had a lot of people trying to see us lately , at shows that were 
cancelled or never even existed and we'd like to apologize to those people if it 
was our fault or even if it wasn't our fault because we know what a bummer it is 
to drive out to see a cool band and instead find an empty bar with some old guy 
banging on an out of tune piano with his forehead.

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