strange TIMES

Winter Edition #4 December, 1995 p#3

Arts & Entertainment

Surfin' With jamie
by Chris Phillips
At the Shows
with Angela & Chris
It looks like jamie strange has catapulted into the modern age. You can now access all kinds of fun strange stuff through your computer. Phillip Fortune, photographer extraordinaire and good friend of jamie, has set up a home page for the band. I'm not telling what kind of goodies are hidden there, you'll have to find out by yourself. The address is music/js/prejamie.html The other xenonarts entries are fantastic as well, you can get lost for hours checking out all the artists of this collective. There is another strange entry in the Hartford Advocate's home page relating to the Grand Band Slam winners. Check us out as well as all our fellow artists on the net, it's a lot of fun but remember... you do have to work in the morning, so get some sleep!

This new column by Angela and Chris will try to inform our readers about other local original acts in the area. Getting the word around about our brothers and sisters is what we are trying for here, we are not here to slam anybody. The fact that we are all struggling to be heard deserves muchos kudos. Let us know what you think.

We went to the Muni to see Swirling Ginger, a very powerful four piece band comprised of John Orofino (Guitar, Lead Vocal), Jordan Lubenstein (Guitar, Backing Vocal), Darren Finnegan (Bass), and Kirk McKenna (Drums). How were they? Tight. We overheard them saying "we gotta get tighter..." after the show but we are in agreement that this band can jump, literally jump, from straight ahead rock beats to a melodic change and back again without faltering. You can tell they have an understanding of each other and their music. Original music, that's what it's all about. Running that gig is tough, to quote the band "one step forward, two steps back." Original bands don't get paid, don't get booked, an uphill climb for sure. We know. Try bringing all your gear to a show, playing your heart out, breaking it all down, to get only $100 and then slammed with an $80 bar tab you didn't know about. It's not easy, we all do it because we love it.

Swirling Ginger is fun, energetic, and worth the trip. They play Dec. 30th at Oakwood Stadium in West Hartford, solo. Go see 'em, we will.

Bar None Studio, Cheshire, CT Big sound in a little basement. Support Local Original Music. It Could Save Your Life.