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Jeff Krieger
Jeffrey Krieger - Electric Cello
CyberArts Festival, Axiom Gallery, Boston 



                          MUSIC, DANCE AND VIDEO RESIDENCIES


A week long collaboration between faculty and students resulting in exciting original work.




VIDEOCELLO: works for e-cello, computer, video and sound.


Garland by composer, Robert CARL and media artist, Victor VELT is a high-tech cello video duet that follows a solo musician undergoing an imagined series of psychological transformations while performing a musical work.

A featured work is Reliquary of Labor (2006) by media artist, Gene GORT and composer, Ken STEEN is a "parallel media" project originally commissioned by the Museum of American Art in New Britain, Connecticut. The work was inspired by video and sound collected during the construction process of a substantial addition to the museum. From initial sketches and finalized blueprints on the architect's drafting table, to breaking ground, arrival of construction materials, construction of the outer shell of the building, exterior work, interior construction, the refuse generated and finishing work, a kind of unacknowledged ritual of production is suggested. The project not only celebrates the opening of the new building, but celebrates and venerates the idea of labor in all of its functional and artistic implications.


In Heal the Wounds of War (1992) by composer, Ken STEEN and media artist, LYN HARPER , graphic war imagery taken from a 1987 televised Veteran's Day is contrasted with a poignant rising cello melody accompanied by ethereal electronic sounds.



                                     MUSIC PROGRAM

Petals by Kaija SAARIAHO

Petals is like a single petal from the work Nymphea for string quartet. The work (sounds of which had already been used as the basis for Nymphea’s harmonic structure) was written in a few days in January 1988 after finishing the string quartet. The musical material is directly derived from Nymphea.

On Connecticut Naturalism by Michael GATONSKA

On Connecticut Naturalism (2003) was composed for Mr. Krieger. Ideas and constructive musical elements for the work originated from notes taken by the composer while "in the field" visiting various places in Connecticut. While carrying a notebook when hiking or bicycling trails in the state, many observations, drawings, natural and unnatural effects, etc., form key points or centers which create the whole of the score and its flow. These centers fan or sonorically bleed into each other creating sound combinations, connections, and impetus from one sound center to the next. The work was made possible in part by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.


Portrait of Jeffrey by Pauline OLIVEROS

In Portraits the performer receives sets of pitches from the composer generated by various algorithms derived from the time, date, place of birth and name. The performer then renders a self portrait using the given pitches guided by a mandala score and instructions. For this performance, an interactive computer program was created in MAX/MSP by the performer. Portraits was completed in 1988 with funding from the Composers’ Program of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Old Badman by Arthur HERNANDEZ


Old Badman (2011) was commissioned by the e-cellist Jeffrey Krieger in 2008. This commission coincided with the passing of the American composer Donald Erb (1927-2008). Donald Erb was a great teacher, mentor and friend to Arthur Hernandez, and had written the work, Suddenly, It’s Evening, for Jeffrey Krieger in 1997. Both Hernandez and Krieger decided that it would be appropriate that this new commissioned work would be dedicated to the enduring memory of Donald Erb. The title, “Old Badman” comes from the last movement of Erb’s last large orchestral work, Evensong (1993). Old Badman is an American folk legend that Erb humorously adopted as a moniker for himself due to the iconoclastic reputation that he had developed over his music career. The work begins with a direct quote from the opening motive of the first movement of Evensong, followed by a passage of music that, if not a direct quote, is certainly a familiar passage in the later music of Donald Erb. From there, Hernandez takes this material and creates a uniquely original work of music all its own.

RECENT SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS AND RESIDENCIES:Radford University, Radford, Virginia; Capitol Community College, Hartford, CT; Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT; Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD; Hartford Art School; Loomis Chaffee School, Windsor, CT; Hartt School of Music, West Hartford, CT; West Hartford Public Schools; International School of Informatics and Management, Jaipur, India; Jaipur Theatre Festival at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, India; Domodar College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Margao, Goa, India; Kala Academy of the Arts, Campal, Panjim, India; The Chakrapani World School of Music, New Delhi, India; Indian Public School, Rajnandgaon, India.    

For booking information, touring schedule and other information contact:

50 Chapman Place #102
East Hartford, CT 06108
Tel/Fax 860.291.9437

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