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Growing Up Nigger Rich
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Growing Up Nigger Rich    Family Lines

About Gwendoline Fortune


Sunday morning
public radio,
avenue of noetic vibration,
channel of chaos

Poems tentacle stories
with implicate depth.
Tales differ,
styles change;
composition is creation,
never redundant.

2004 Gwen Y. Fortune


Lie on your back at 5 AM;
Stare at the moon
through the clerestory.
The stomach curls as in a centrifuge;
some "thing" rises in your head,
reaching to the sky for ballast.
Look away, back, here, there;
shadows hide the moon
you wished on when you were three,
"I see the moon,the moon sees me."

You are no longer an ant on the big ball
You are mass, meaning,
take your place among the planets,
moons and stars.
You are this thing called eternity.

2004 Gwen Y. Fortune

We know the Chinese maxim, "May you live in interesting times," meaning living amidst the ups and downs of life that are not safe and easy--danger and haven.

I have tried to escape that description, to no avail. The cycles and tumblings of yin and yang, yea and nay envelope life, yours, mine, all. It is thus.

This site has been created by my dear son, Phillip, for promotion of my novels, poems, essays and musings. I hope to take full advantage of it and invite all who enter to do the same. Read, write, interact. Post, e-mail and return as often as you will.

I am a politically observant person, accepting that where two are gathered we have a political situation.. We are social, economic, personal, artistic potential. and more. This medium is a means to communicate--to share thoughts, ideas and feelings. My preferred mode of operation is open, progressive and interdisciplinary. My signature is Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit-X,, "X" being the still unknown.

Gwendoline (Gwen) Alpha Young Fortune, Ed. D.



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