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Featured Work: indian summer for solo e-cello, harmonizer and stereo playback system by Alvin Lucier.

Alvin Lucierís indian summer (1993) focuses on the use of the stereo playback system. The performer must improvise using the rhythmic beating of a slightly detuned, rising unison double-stop. A harmonizer setting of a variable range from 0-10 cents allows the performer with a pedal to slightly detune one speaker producing a second set of acoustical rhythmic beats. The work challenges the performer to improvise using these two interacting sets of beats. At times there is almost a physical sensation of being gently pushed or lifted by the rhythmic beating patterns coming from the stereo speakers. The length of the improvisation is open ended. indian summer is by far the most untraditional and controversial performance piece in my repertoire.

The following is an example of a MAX/MSP patch.


I am currently testing MIDI processors made by MIDI Solutions, Inc. which allow a volume pedal such as the Yamaha FC-7 to be converted to MIDI. Two pedals can be daisy chained and connected to the MIDI in and out of the digital audio interface. This is a very elegant and powerful set-up and makes travel very light. In this work I use one pedal to control the harmonization and a second as a volume pedal to fade in the sound at the beginning.

Cycling Ď74 MAX/MSP software patches are available from Jeffrey Krieger at
Music published by Edition MusikTexte (Germany)
Recorded by oodiscs ACDCVC CD 53 (currently not available)


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